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Before start to work

1. Sheets & Bed Linen (you get a pillow and blanket from us).
2. Black clothes (Elegant - Watch the video "Recommendations").
3. If you have Unlocked Phone (We provide sim with a local number for each employee).
4. Personal toiletries.
5. comfort black shoes (elegant/classic)

1. Wifi.
2. TV includes cable.
3. Pots, pans, glasses, forks, knives.
4. Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and oven.
5. Washing & dryer machine.

1. Up to 2 people in bedroom.

1. About 15 - 30 minutes by underground.

1. About 5 -10 minutes by walking.

1. Company driver/taxi driver will wait for you with a sign with your name.
2. The driver communicates between us during the ride.

1. One of our staff will be waiting for you there welcome you.
2 .He will show you the flat and present you to your colleague.
3 .You will get a brief explanation of what will happen in the next coming days.

1. No, except logistic vehicles there are no vehicles for the employees.
2. Trips are conducted by London/Vienna Underground.

1. The first days you will get personal Trainis one on one + Introductory tour of the shops and staff.
2. You pass the basic test.
3. After the test you start to work !!

1. Yes, the company flat's its optional and only for the purpose of supporting our employees.

1. No, forbearance and patience is more important - our training staff will teach you to reach high sales level.

Salary & EXP

1. London - Monthly card train costs £129.
2. Vienna - Monthly card train costs €47.
3. Germany - Monthly card train costs €47.

1. Salary receive all the seven of the month (paid for 1st - 31st).
2. There is always the option of taking advances according to the amount you deserve until that moment.

1. You should bring at least £/€ 500.
2. You should bring a credit card that works abroad.

1. The average wage in new employee is £/€ 2,500 a month.
2. The average wage per veteran employee is £/€ 5,000 a month.

1. After the first two weeks (free) - Start auto descending monthly rent from the salary £/€ 100 per week).
2. State taxes.

1. Yes, but workers who will not sell above the minimum wage will not stay longer in the company.
2. London - £6.50 per hour.
3. Düsseldorf - €8.50 per hour.
4. Vienna - €9.00 per hour.

Start Working

1. First shift at 9:30 am.
2. Second shift at 11:45 am.
3. Most stores closing no later than 20:00 pm.

1.About 5 times a week.
2. It is possible to work six days a week from time to time.

1. About 6 staff.

1. Every night the manager prepares a daily work schedule.

1. Men - elegant black suit and crisp, razor, tie (Watch the video "Recommendations").
2. Women - tailored black clothes, trousers with two pockets, makeup, hair dressed (Watch the video "Recommendations").
3. Required to wear a tag name + logo pin.

1. Yes, up to 14 days we will decide together with you if you suitable to work with us.

1. Yes, after you complete the trial period you will sign a contract which explains the labor agreement between us.

1. Yes, minimum commitment period of 3 months from the signing of the contract.

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