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Process To Be Come Employee

One of our guidelines is to push and promote employees from within the main roles.
We are investing heavily in hiring the best personal trainers in the area and in order to improve and develop the capabilities of employees and thus to maximize the sales potential.

Applicants must have a strong work ethic and come to work every day with a smile.
Once you complete the JOB APPLICATION, you will be contacted by HR.

This investment is a long term investment and some yield is promoting outstanding employees of the System, to key positions.
Beyond professional advancement and salary, we also contribute to personal and professional Development of the employee that he can take with him to the life.

Step 1

You fill the JOB APPLICATION and we call / email you back.

Step 2

Meeting / skype for an interview for knowing and understanding our and your sides

Step 3

If we confirm, you learn course material level 1 or level 2

Step 4

Passing the basic test and preparing for the flight

Step 5

Buying a ticket and begin a new experience :)

Step Number 1

Fill out your E-Mail and one of our team will contact you soon as possible

Ask your question and we will contact you as soon as possible with an answer.
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