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Creating Winning Teams - hard work and ability always wins thru!

1. Attracts and retains the best team members - investing in training and career development.
2. marketing in the strategic opening of prime location high street retail shops.
3. Exclusive Distribution Rights and Brand Control.

Millions of pounds of investment in:

✓ Premium stores for both VineVera and Oro Gold Cosmetics

✓ Marketing and public relations

✓ Advertorial and tv publicity

✓ Training facilities

✓ Back office, large UK stock and logistical support

✓ Supporting spa and beautician services

✓ Dedicated customer service

✓ Boutique luxury stores whereby potential clients can try without obligation the cosmetic products

Company Benefits

✓ Work in stores → Working in shops and NOT kiosk

✓ Work in the city → The best places and the most expensive

✓ Income support → Minimum wage to give you confidence for success

✓ Exclusive residential and relatives → Very high level apartments include fully Accessories

✓ 8-10 working hours a day only → Unlike other companies we believe in a limited number of hours & stronger result

✓ High salaries → Average of 5,000 Per a month

✓ $ < € < £ → pound/euro - the Most powerful

✓ Tourism all year → London / Vienna/Germany

✓ Exclusive spa in every store → On every sale you make your client receives spa treatment from the beautician spa - for free!

✓ We are importers of the products → Importers of the best quality products and the most powerful on the market

✓ Internal Customer Service → Our team handles all your customers including contact customer that bought over 500 to inquire about purchasing experience and whether he needs an explanation abpot the product


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